Psychological Security In The Community Affiliated to the Creative Work of Police

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Kabul (BNA) President Ghani insisted that our goal is establishing a persistent peace and stability in the country, stability and security cannot be ensured by the bullet but by trusting police.
BNA military affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Mohammad Ashraf Ghani president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan recently in tenth graduation of National police Academy students addressing relevant police personnel and officers said that police forces should strongly rely on constitution contents and the president does not trust his safety to any tribe or party but trusts to security and defense forces of the country.
The President in his speech pointing out in to old formation of police said that our aim is restoration of stability, but it is an open fact that we cannot achieve this goal by using bullet, but through trusting police we can reach this urgent aim. The president also talking on reforming in security organs and appointments in ministry of interior based on police law openly addressing members of parliament said that members of parliament should not go the ministries for appointments of individuals, if they do so, their act will recorded and release via TVs.
The words used by the president clearly indicate that he is serious in bringing reforms in security and defense organs,  in addition the participation of president in such a ceremony demonstrate that he supports police forces. While police in carrying out their jobs and obligation are facing many challenges and the challenges can be settled only via political wisdom and creative work.
Police while its major responsibility is enforcing law and should protect the social safety of citizens, they also carry out military operations which keep them away from their essential duties. Today police forces are facing many problems.
Although during the last 16 years certain advancements have been made in police organs of the country but they are not sufficient. Therefore it would be advisable the barriers that prevent police to carry out their duties should be removed as soon as possible.
Once president Ghani had called ministry of interior the most corrupted organ in the country, therefore, the current situation asks the leadership of that ministry to do a lot of work in order to overcome the problems, the ministry suffering.
As we mentioned earlier the Police essential duty is ensuring security, enforcement of laws, serious struggle against who breach the law and disrupt security and social order, ensure social security and remove the insecurities, but unfortunately they failed to do so.
Therefore, in order to build a competent police force to successfully overcome the current problem there is an urgent need for preparing a practical program to meet the current needs of police and perform their essential duties and obligations.
Today, police in the community suffering from mistrusts, therefore, the process of professionalization of police, building their capacity and anti-corruption straggle should be supported and take effective steps toward attracting public trust to police and implement police code precisely in practice. In this way, psychological security in the community will further improve and people trust police. This would be a great achievement for police and security forces as a whole.

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