Afghanistan and Kazakhstan Strengthen Trade Relations with Opening of Kazakhstan Chamber of Commerce


KABUL (BNA) The Minister of Industry and Commerce, Nooruddin Azizi, hailed the opening of the Kazakhstan Chamber of Commerce in Afghanistan as an effective step.

The ceremony, attended by key dignitaries including Sheikh Noor Ahmad Islam Jar, the governor of Herat, and officials from various chambers of commerce and industries, marked a milestone in enhancing bilateral trade relations.

Speaking at the event, Minister Azizi emphasized the positive impact of the Kazakhstan Trade House on strengthening and expanding trade ties between the two nations.

He highlighted that the establishment of the trade house was a direct outcome of the official and private sector delegation’s visit to Afghanistan for the Trade Connectivity Conference, bilateral trade meetings, and Afghanistan’s product exhibitions held in the capital city of Kazakhstan last year.

Arman Yussentayev, the head of the Kazakhstan Chamber of Commerce in Afghanistan, expressed the Republic of Kazakhstan’s aim to boost the volume and value of trade exchanges between the two countries.

He affirmed that Kazakhstan is keen on expanding trade relations with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, underlining their interest in fostering economic cooperation.

The inauguration of the Kazakhstan Chamber of Commerce signifies a renewed commitment to strengthening economic ties between Afghanistan and Kazakhstan.

The collaboration between Afghanistan and Kazakhstan in the realm of trade is crucial for the economic growth and prosperity of both nations.

The opening of the Kazakhstan Trade House is a testament to the determination of both countries to forge stronger economic partnerships and explore new avenues of cooperation.


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