Water Shortage Threaten Millions of Lives in Kabul

KABUL (BNA) The Ministry of Energy and Water has warned, that the water shortage crisis has gripped Kabul and the capital will soon face a serious threat of water shortage.

The problem of lack of water in Kabul is now a clear and visible problem in the capital, wandering people can be seen looking for water in every corner of the city and the residents of every part of the city are complaining about the lack of water and even the absence of water in their areas.

Despite the fact that Afghanistan has witnessed continuous droughts during the past few years, this has caused the level of underground water in the country to drop, especially in big cities, especially Kabul.

Continuous of droughts, destruction of nature, and excessive encroachments on water reserves, especially underground water, have caused a serious decrease in water in Kabul.

The problem is so serious that the Ministry of Energy and Water has warned that the city of Kabul is approaching a water shortage crisis and the level of underground water has dropped to three and a half meters this year.

Today, most residential houses in Kabul have wells. There is no limit to drilling in the city of Kabul. There are various types of well drilling machines in every part of the city without a license and for anyone, anywhere.

They dig wells whenever they want, while in all the countries of the world, even the most backward countries, wells are dug based on a strategy and plan.

It has a heavy punishment and is considered a criminal offense and even a crime against public safety in some countries.

In addition to the heartless digging of deep wells in Kabul and other cities of the country, the number of water production plants in the capital has increased, while these wells can be built in areas far away from the city where they have abundant water resources.

In order to strengthen the capital’s water resources, their production can be transferred to other cities, while today the opposite is the case, water is produced in Kabul and transferred to the provinces.

Another problem of lack of water in Kabul can be linked to the existence of swimming pools and baths in Kabul, every day the number of water parks in Kabul which more water consumption by these pools.

These parks and baths have increased interest in their creation and construction, while thousands of cubic meters of underground water are wasted every day, the fact is that these parks and ponds are more than Kabul in using underground water.


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