Trade with Multilateral Benefits Would be a Factor of Growth in Region

KABUL (BNA) Trade based on multilateral benefits is a principle for the expansion of economic and political relations between the countries of the region, a principle that the Islamic Emirate is committed on.

BNA analyst; the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the country says that a Pakistani business delegation headed by the Deputy Minister of Commerce of that country has traveled to Kabul to discuss the facilitation of trade between the two countries and transit issues with the Afghan side.

This trip has taken place at a time when the export of coal from Afghanistan has increased through the private sector, and the Ministry of Finance of Afghanistan has increased its customs tariff price considering the global price of this fuel.

On the agenda of the Pakistani delegation’s trip to Kabul is to reduce the price of coal by the authorities of the Islamic Emirate, a fuel that Pakistan’s power generation plant desperately needs.

In business transactions for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, only how to export a fuel to a certain country is not discussed. Afghanistan wants more comprehensive commercial and economic relations with neighboring countries and the region, in such relations, bilateral and multilateral benefits are discussed.

The balanced trade and equal use of commercial and transit assets and facilities between neighboring countries and the region, from the perspective of Afghanistan’s leadership, the expansion of commercial and economic relations between neighboring countries and the region will facilitate job creation, reduce poverty reduces, creates an atmosphere of belief and trust between countries.

Afghanistan highlights the expansion of trade relations between countries with bilateral and multilateral benefits and is against monopolization in such relations, and with this idea, it welcomed the Pakistan trade delegation in Kabul, and with this idea not long ago, the Afghanistan trade delegation visited Tashkent.

The characteristics of the political geography of Afghanistan among the countries of Central and South Asia have always created potential grounds for the advancement of regional economic goals, and Afghanistan, in turn, has a constructive interaction with large economic projects such as TAPI, the extension of the lines. between the countries of the region and has tried to play an active and positive role in connecting regional and extra-regional countries and expanding commercial and economic relations between these countries.

Along with the development of bilateral and multilateral economic relations, Afghanistan seeks to cooperate with the World Economic Organization for the expansion of trade and constructive interaction with other countries.

Today, there are many countries that are trying to take advantage of Afghanistan’s mineral reserves, they have found our transit route, a short and easy way to reach the regional market, and one of the other facilities that Afghanistan has brought for the growth of trade and economic cooperation.

The Islamic Emirate welcomes any lawful move to invest in the country’s natural resources and other investments, while Afghan merchants and exporters have had problems in receiving transit routes and have always faced challenges in exporting seasonal fruits.

Trade between neighboring countries and the region will grow when the idea of ​​mutual cooperation is strengthened, bilateral and multilateral benefits are observed in trade, and trade must be balanced.

Some might believe that Afghanistan has fewer export items and more imports, how can it have a balanced trade? In this regard, it should be said that if Afghanistan does not have the ability to export and import in balance with the neighboring countries, does it have the right for the neighboring countries to balance their laws with Afghanistan in their commercial and transit trade with Afghanistan, while Afghanistan has from the transit route of other countries, it has faced pressure and indifference.

It is expected that the current visit of the Pakistani delegation to Kabul could provide the necessary facilities for the export of Afghan products, especially during the fruit seasons, on the other side of the Durand Line.


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