Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Chief of Army Vows to Eradicate Drugs, Addresses Protests in Badakhshan


KABUL (BNA) The Chief of Army in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Qari Fasihuddin Fitrat, addressed protesters in the province of Badakhshan, emphasizing the government’s strong commitment to eradicating drugs and addressing the concerns of drug addiction plaguing Afghanistan and Islamic countries.

He assured the demonstrators that there is no dual policy in the Islamic Emirate and that the command to ban drug cultivation is based on religious principles rather than political considerations.

Chief of Army Fitrat declared that the Supreme Leader had issued explicit directives to combat the proliferation of drugs, highlighting it as a paramount issue.

He emphasized the Islamic Emirate’s unwavering dedication to tackling drug trafficking without any hindrance.

The Chief of Army outlined a comprehensive approach to drug prohibition, which includes issuing directives, local government actions against cultivation, crackdowns on traffickers, dispatching special teams, and establishing local oversight committees.

On Tuesday, on May 7th, a delegation from the Islamic Emirate reached an agreement with the representatives of two martyrs’ families, local elders, and influential figures from the Argo and Drayem districts in Badakhshan province.

The meeting aimed to address recent incidents and find common ground to combat drug trafficking effectively. As a result, tensions have been fully resolved, and both parties have pledged their cooperation in the fight against drug cultivation.

Representatives of the protesters, in an interview with the Bakhtar News Agency (BNA), expressed their satisfaction with the Islamic system and the security provision in the country. They confirmed that the agreements reached regarding drug eradication have been successfully resolved.

The protesters pledged their support and cooperation with the security forces, vowing to actively participate in efforts to destroy drug cultivation fields.


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