IEA Responds to Zionist Regime’s Attack on Rafah


KABUL(BNA): The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan condemns the brutal attack by the Zionist regime on Gaza city of Rafah.

The Rafah City, located in southern Gaza, has become the final refuge for 1.4 million Palestinian Muslims who were displaced from northern Gaza, central Gaza, and Khan Yunis during the six-month war and bombardment. They currently endure dire conditions, living in constant fear and terror.

Once again, the Zionist occupier regime has committed a major crime against all the international principles by ruthlessly targeting Palestinian Muslims through relentless bombardment.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan condemns this act as a war crime and mass killing of Palestinian Muslims. Once again, it urges the Islamic world and other nations to raise their voices against this catastrophe and to strive in every possible way to deliver food, medicine, and humanitarian aid to the besieged Muslims in Gaza.

Regrettably, up to now, influential governments and the World have been unable to halt the Zionist regime’s genocide of Palestinians. The absence of effective measures in this regard has emboldened the Zionist regime to reject Hamas’s peace proposal once again and persist in its ruthless bombing of innocent Muslims and the ongoing occupation of their lands.


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