Islamic Emirate and Regional Countries Must Reach a Common Solidarity

KABUL (BNA) The Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate called the Tashkent conference on the benefit of Afghanistan and expressed hope that the conference would improve Afghanistan’s relations with the world in the political and economic fields.

BNA analyst: an international conference focusing on the security and economic situation of Afghanistan was held for two days from July 26 to 27, with the participation of 20 countries, including the representatives of the United States and Russia, in Tashkent.

The presence and participation of delegations from different countries gave the conference more credibility, and the presence of the representatives of the US, Russia, India, and Pakistan, who have a more competitive view, showed that the global consensus about Afghanistan is being formed, and it is strengthening and no country wants to be far from the developments of Afghanistan and the principle of interaction with the Islamic Emirate, many countries have found Afghanistan as an opportunity for interaction and cooperation.

The Afghan Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Amir Khan Muttaqi shared views about the outcome of the conference, adding “The improvement and development of the economy and transit and for Afghanistan to become the center of the economy and connection of the region; many good ideas were exchanged in this regard, and we also shared our views about the situation in Afghanistan.”

He expressed his hope that the outcomes of the conference will improve Afghanistan’s relationship with the international community in the political and economic sectors. He said the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is ready to develop its political relationship with the world, adding that the caretaker government has a clear view, to turn Afghanistan into a center of stability and economic cooperation.

The statements of the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan clarify that the Islamic Emirate is striving to pave the ground for interaction and cooperation with the international community, while the continuation of sanctions against the Islamic Emirate is to remain frozen, Afghanistan’s assets and the idea of ​​isolating Afghanistan will have an unfortunate consequence, the negative consequences of which will affect not only Afghanistan but neighboring countries and the region.

The existing conditions have revealed common risks and opportunities for us and the international community, and it requires that the Islamic Emirate and regional countries reach to common solidarity that can be a platform for constructive interaction for the benefit of bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

The Islamic Emirate has its commitments and interactions to improve the internal situation and interact with the neighboring countries and the region. But to improve the situation, others must also take steps. and this can be started by lifting the embargo and releasing the frozen assets of Afghanistan.

The Afghan people shadowed the Tashkent conference with the message that the world has entered into a constructive interaction with the Afghan people and this interaction will continue.


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