Afghanistan Demands Respect from Neighbors

KABUL (BNA) Afghanistan respects the rights and interests of other countries, near and far, and expects the same from them. However, some countries have shown hostility and aggression towards Afghanistan, accusing it of harboring terrorists and posing a threat to regional security.

Afghanistan rejects these accusations and says that it is the victim of terrorism, with evidence of foreign citizens, especially from Tajikistan and Pakistan, being involved in attacks on Afghan mosques, scholars, and people.

The Afghan Defense Minister says that many Tajik and Pakistani citizens have been killed or captured in terrorist activities in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan also accuses some neighboring countries, such as Pakistan and Tajikistan, of supporting activities against Afghanistan, using their airspace and territory, and hosting meetings with fugitive political figures.

Afghanistan says that these actions violate its legitimate interests and could damage regional cooperation and good neighborliness.

Afghanistan calls for these countries to stop their interference and aggression, and to respect its rights and interests. Afghanistan wants to have peaceful and constructive relations with its neighbors and the world, based on mutual respect and cooperation.


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