Islamic Emirate Ensure Support for Peace Process and Drug Control Efforts


BADAKHSHAN (BNA) A meeting took place today in Fayzabad city, the capital of Badakhshan Province, between influential individuals, scholars, representatives, and elders of Darayim and Argu districts.

According to Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, a commitment from the people of Badakhshan to support the ongoing peace process and combat the cultivation, production, and trafficking of illicit drugs were during a gathering.

The participants pledged their support for the efforts of the Islamic Emirate in bringing stability and security to the region, ensuring the well-being of the local population.

Addressing the concerns raised by individuals harmed during recent protests, the Islamic Emirate assured that their grievances would be duly addressed.

The outcome of this meeting in Badakhshan Province signifies a positive step forward in the ongoing peace efforts led by the Islamic Emirate, fostering a sense of unity and cooperation between the local population and the governing authorities. With the support and collaboration of the people, it is hoped that these initiatives will lead to lasting peace and prosperity in the region and across Afghanistan.


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