Islamic Emirate Stressed for Islamic Hijab in the Country

KABUL (BNA) Vice and Virtue Ministry unveiled a draft law on Hijab on Saturday which has been approved and implemented by the Supreme leader  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Amir Al-Momineen.

In this depiction, any garment covering the body of a woman is considered a hijab, provided that it is not too tight to represent the body parts nor is it thin enough to reveal the body.

Says Minister Khalid that the burka is the best type of Hijab “as it is part of Afghan culture and it has been used for ages.”

According to the government’s plan on women’s hijab, in the first phase, the media, and preachers will talk about the rules, importance, and virtue of the Hijab as well as the drawbacks of not wearing a Hijab.

In the second phase, the house of the unveiled woman will be targeted and her guardian will be advised and disciplined.

In case of recurrence of the Hijab, the caretaker will be summoned to the relevant department, and in the final stage will be presented to the court for punishment.

Officials at the Ministry also warned that the plan would remove female employees of all organs of the Islamic Emirate who do not observe the Hijab, as well as male employees. It should also be avoided that the women of the family are unveiled.

It should not be forgotten that the draft of the hijab prepared by the Islamic Emirate is being implemented by the Ministry of Justice, Vice and Virtue Ministry and Complaints and the Supreme Court, the Ministries of Hajj, and Religious Affairs, Education, Interior, and the Ministry of Intelligence.

Bakhtar News Agency

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