No one is seeking the Collapse of Islamic Emirate: UN Special Coordinator

KABUL (BNA): In a meeting with the United Nations’ Special Coordinator for Afghanistan, Mawlavi Abdul Kabir, the Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs, stated that the Islamic Emirate does not support the UN’s selection of another representative for Afghanistan.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office, during this meeting, the UN Special Coordinator for Afghanistan, Feridun Sinirlioğlu, expressed his gratitude for the Islamic Emirate’s cooperation in his mission in Afghanistan. He stated that efforts are underway to broaden Afghanistan’s global relations.

Sinirlioğlu underscored the significance of the regional conference held by the Islamic Emirate in Kabul and commended the initiative. He emphasized that such meetings are vital for Afghanistan and that the international community is keen to establish relations and collaborate with the Islamic Emirate.

He acknowledged Afghanistan’s economic and social advancements and noted that despite the overall security in Afghanistan, there is a need to concentrate on economic fortification and stability.

In relation to the forthcoming Doha conference, Sinirlioğlu stated that positive decisions about Afghanistan will be made, leading to positive changes in Afghanistan’s global relations post-conference. He stressed that no one is attempting to overthrow the Islamic Emirate; instead, they want it to connect with the global community.
Sinirlioğlu also referred to international laws and conventions that the Islamic Emirate should adhere to.

He highlighted Afghanistan’s importance to the region and the world, stating that Afghanistan’s security equates to regional security and stability.

The UN Special Coordinator for Afghanistan also mentioned that the World Bank will soon hold a session regarding Afghanistan to discuss banking growth, the removal of sanctions, and the resumption of the World Bank’s unfinished projects in Afghanistan.
Mawlavi Abdul Kabir expressed his gratitude to the UN Special Coordinator for Afghanistan.

He agreed with most of Sinirlioğlu’s report but disagreed with the part about selecting another envoy for Afghanistan, stating that with the UN political representation (UNAMA) already in Afghanistan, they do not see the need for a new representative.

He added that the Islamic Emirate also seeks to maintain good relations with the world and has initiated discussions on the participation of Islamic Emirate representatives in the upcoming Doha conference.

He welcomed the resumption of the World Bank’s unfinished projects in Afghanistan and expressed hope that effective steps would be taken in the upcoming Doha conference towards Afghanistan’s reconstruction, including humanitarian aid and the removal of banking system sanctions.


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