Many International Organizations Advocate for Aid to Migrants Forcibly Expelled from Pakistan

KABUL (BNA): The Norwegian Refugee Council and eight international relief organizations, in a joint statement, have urged countries worldwide to assist the hundreds of thousands of expelled Afghan migrants from Pakistan.

The statement emphasizes the immediate need for global support as the majority of displaced refugees lack the means to provide for themselves and require urgent international assistance.

The organizations call on the global community and humanitarian aid providers to increase support for returning Afghan families to ensure their survival during the harsh winter months.

The statement also urges Pakistan to continue providing refuge to Afghans until a secure and stable return to their country is feasible.

Several organizations, including the Danish Refugee Council, International Rescue Committee, Islamic Relief, Norwegian Refugee Council, International Rescue Committee for Children, and others, highlight the serious challenges faced by women and children, who constitute 80% of the expelled population.

These relief organizations stress that Afghanistan, with a population of 29 million in need of humanitarian assistance, is ill-equipped to support those who have returned to the country.


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