Ongoing Clashes Between Iranian Forces and Jaish Al-Adl Rebels Result in Casualties


KABUL (BNA): In the eastern regions of Iran, specifically in Sistan and Baluchestan province, violent clashes continue between Iranian security forces and rebels from the Jaish al-Adl group. These confrontations have resulted in multiple casualties, with at least 13 people reported dead.

The skirmishes, which have been particularly intense in the cities of Chabahar and Rask, have claimed the lives of 5 security officers and 8 attackers. Iranian government officials have confirmed that the Jaish al-Adl group has launched extensive and coordinated attacks on military installations in three cities: Rask, Chabahar, and Sarbaz.

Currently, about six members of the Jaish al-Adl group are under siege by security forces in the cities of Chabahar and Rask. Among the casualties in Chabahar are a soldier, a security guard, another security personnel, and two police officers.

Ali Reza Marhamati, the deputy governor of Sistan and Baluchestan, provided details about the start of the attack, which began at ten o’clock local time last night. He revealed that the attackers in Rask had intended to infiltrate the headquarters of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps but were repelled by the military. The fighting, however, is still ongoing.

Iranian authorities believe that the leadership of Jaish al-Adl, who are advocating for the separation of the Baloch areas of Iran, are based in Pakistan. This belief led to Iran recently launching missile attacks on parts of Baluchistan province in Pakistan, escalating tensions between Tehran and Islamabad.


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