Acting Mines Minister Discusses Investment Opportunities with Ambassador Karimi


KABUL (BNA) In a meeting held in Beijing, China, Sheikh Shahabuddin Delawar, the country’s Acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum, engaged in discussions with Mawlavi Bilal Karimi, the Afghan Ambassador to China.

The primary focus of their meeting was to explore potential investment opportunities in Afghanistan’s mines.

During the meeting, Sheikh Shahabuddin Delawar provided valuable information to Mawlavi Bilal Karimi regarding the investment prospects in the country’s vast mining sector.

The Acting Minister highlighted both large-scale and small-scale mining contracts as areas of interest for potential investors.

Mawlavi Bilal Karimi, having recently held meetings with the leadership of contract companies operating in the Amu River oil field and Aynak copper mine in China, shared his experiences and insights with Sheikh Shahabuddin Delawar. The Afghan Ambassador revealed that Chinese investors have expressed a keen interest in increasing their investments in Afghanistan’s mines.

Expressing his commitment to promoting foreign investments in the mining sector, Mawlavi Bilal Karimi pledged to intensify his efforts in attracting Chinese investors for various mining projects in Afghanistan. The potential expansion of Chinese investments in the country’s natural resources is expected to contribute significantly to Afghanistan’s economic growth and development.

The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum issued a statement emphasizing the importance of fostering international collaborations in the mining sector. The ministry highlighted the need for sustainable investments that would not only bring economic prosperity to Afghanistan but also ensure responsible and environmentally friendly mining practices.

Afghanistan, with its abundant mineral resources, holds immense potential for attracting foreign investments. The discussions between Sheikh Shahabuddin Delawar and Mawlavi Bilal Karimi serve as a positive step toward strengthening ties between Afghanistan and China, paving the way for fruitful collaborations in the mining industry.


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