Kabul University Medical Team Traveled to South to Assist Quake Victims

KABUL (BNA) The Ministry Higher of Education sent a medical team from Kabul medical university along with some amount of medicine to help the recent quake victims in Khost and Paktika provinces.

According to the BNA report, assistant professor Dr. Fazalurahman Rahmani chairman of the Kabul medical university has shared his condolence with the quake-affected families in Paktika and Khost provinces; and told that under the directory of Mawlavi Abdul Baqi Haqaani acting minister of higher education of Islamic Emirate “Kabul medical university decided to send a medicals professional team from Ali-Abad research hospital to the recent quake-affected provinces’

The medical team with the directory of Professor Dr. Najeebullah Amarkhiel deputy of education, and Dr. Amaduddin Zazi chairman of Ali-Abad research hospital has traveled to the area to assist medics in treating injured people.

According to the latest statistic, thousands of lost their lives in the incident, and more were injured, authority from the Higher Education Ministry have instructed all educational institutions in the country to help and cooperate with quake-affected according to their ability.


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