Islamic Emirate Welcomes Foreign Investment, Says Dr. Mullah Abdul Wasay

KABUL (BNA): Dr. Mullah Abdul Wasay, the General Director of the Administrative Office of the Prime Minister, expressed the Islamic Emirate’s aspiration for positive engagement with foreign traders and investors.
This statement was made during a meeting with Mikhail Alexandrovich Malchenov, the head of the international company “Khempirom Service,” and Syed Amin Syed Mohammad Vich, the head of the Russian international company “Gidromash,” who visited Kabul.
During the meeting, Malchenov expressed interest in investing in waste collection and packaging in Kabul city, installing 14 turbine bases with the capacity to produce 130 megawatts of electricity, and systematizing the electronic governance sector. He stated that gas, electricity, and chemical fertilizer could be produced from the collected waste.
Vich, on the other hand, showed interest in investing in the production of drinking water and the extraction and refining of oil in Afghanistan.
Both company officials expressed their readiness to train Afghan specialists in Afghanistan and Russia, further emphasizing their commitment to the country’s development.
Dr. Wasay affirmed that the Islamic Emirate seeks positive engagement with traders and investors from all countries. He assured that the necessary conditions and facilities would be provided for them, and they would receive the support they need.

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