Islamic Emirate Seeks European Union’s Assistance for Infrastructure Development in Afghanistan

KABUL (BNA): Mawlavi Abdul Kabir, the Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs, met with Ms. Raffaella Iodice, the European Union representative in Kabul. He emphasized that Afghanistan needs crucial assistance in health, education, and infrastructure sectors.

According to a statement from the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office, the meeting took place at the Sapidar Palace. Ms. Iodice discussed the European Union’s ongoing assistance to Afghanistan, emphasizing that humanitarian aid is now reaching needy families without concerns about administrative corruption. She expressed satisfaction with the security situation in Afghanistan, noting that they could travel to provinces without worries and observe the people’s situation up close.

Ms. Iodice stated that Afghanistan, being one of the countries affected by climate change, requires special attention from the international community to provide necessary assistance in preventing climate-related damages. She called for the expansion of relations between Afghanistan and the European Union.

The Deputy Prime Minister emphasized the need for fundamental assistance to Afghanistan in the fields of health, education, and infrastructure. He thanked the European Union for its role in Afghanistan and assistance to Afghan migrants. He stated that corruption is no longer a concern in Afghanistan, and issues like drug trafficking and violence have been addressed, ISIS has been suppressed, and borders are under control.

The Deputy Prime Minister criticized the forced deportation of Afghan migrants by Pakistan without considering the conditions, stating that it goes against all laws, and strongly condemned it.


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