Finance Minister Visited Daikundi

DAIKUNDI (BNA) The country’s finance minister, Mullah Hedayatullah Badri visited Daikundi on an official trip, on Monday.

The aim of the Finance Minister’s visit to Daikundi is to meet with officials, and solve the problems of infrastructure projects, revenues, budget, and other issues in the province, according to Bakhtar News Agency correspondent.

In a meeting, with the Daikundi governor and other relevant officials of that province, the Minister of Finance Badri said that all the uncomplete projects of Daikundi are being restored, adding that work on most of the projects is underway.

While, visiting the province the country’s Finance Minister said that one of the most challenges the Daikundi residents face is the lack of potable water, the finance minister of the country said that soon their issues with potable water will be meets.


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