ATC Proposed Projects Approved

KABUL (BNA): On Thursday during a meeting in the conference hall of the administration office of Islamic Emirate Affairs the Afghan Telecom Company’s 15 proposed projects approved to boost the capacity of the fiber-optic network.

Chaired a meeting by the head of administration office Islamic Emirate affairs Mawlawi Ahmad Jan Ahmadi, and attended by representatives of the Ministries of Communications and Information Technology, Finance, Economy and Industry and Commerce, and Afghan Telecom and Salaam Telecommunication Companies, a meeting held, said a statement to Bakhtar News Agency.

During the meeting, Ahmadi underscored providing good quality services and said that to empower good and quality services to the people, it is essential to evaluate the proposals of Afghan Telecom and the existing ones. Take steps to increase the capacity of this network with outstanding regard to financial resources.

In the meeting, the officials of the Afghan Telecommunication Network, while characterizing 15 projects for improving the capacity of the fiber-optic network and explaining the difficulties of Salaam Telecommunication Network, said that now two foreign companies are willing to administer this network. Provide necessary facilities for capacity building at decent prices.

The participants of the meeting in expansion to agreeing the proposed projects, decided that the officials of the company should share the significant principles with the service providers evaluate the urgency of the projects, and send a detailed report to the department of administration.


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