Afghanistan Marks 44th Anniversary of Soviet Invasion

KABUL (BNA): The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan issued a statement on Wednesday, condemning the military intervention of the former Soviet Union in Afghanistan 44 years ago.

The statement praised the Afghan people for their heroic resistance and sacrifice against the Soviet occupation, which lasted for a decade and ended with the withdrawal of the Soviet troops.

The statement also reaffirmed the Afghan nation’s commitment to defend its sovereignty and independence from any foreign aggression or interference.

It said that Afghanistan does not meddle in the internal affairs of any country and expects the same from others. It expressed its desire to have good and strong relations with the international community based on Islamic principles and mutual respect.

The statement called on all countries and parties to fulfill their obligations in creating and ensuring better and stronger relations in accordance with Islamic principles, so that long steps can be taken for security and welfare in the region and the world, and the chaos, destruction and disbelief caused by the past wars can be eliminated.


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