Reconstruction of Kunar-Nuristan Biggest Bridge Start

PAROON (BNA) Reconstruction of the Curdar Bridge between Kunar and Nuristan provinces start today.

This bridge, which links Kunar to Nuristan province in the east of the country, is one of the commuter roads.

The Curdar Bridge was recently ruined by floods. An event that causes traffic to flow between the countertops.

This is the second time the Curdar Bridge has been damaged since construction.

Mawlawi Abdul Rahim Farooqi, head of the Public Works of Nuristan, told BNA that the restoration of the Curdar Bridge will cost seven hundred and twenty thousand Afghanis.

The department of public works continue to repair damaged roads and bridges in in Nuristan, he added.

Obaidullah, in charge of Soheil Sattar Construction Company, the contractor of this project, says that quality will be measured in the construction of this bridge.

This is the second time the Curdar Bridge between Nuristan and Kunar has been ruined.

Villagers say the lack of quality construction makes the bridge unbearable in the face of floods.

Lal Gol, who lives near the Bridge, says the bridge twice failed to withstand flooding due to a lack of building quality.

He called on the authorities to study quality in the reconstruction of the Curdar Bridge this time.

The restoration the Curdar bridge set to take three months of repairing.

Bakhtar News Agency

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