Project’s Work of Two Drinkable Water Start in Jawzjan

JAWZJAN (BNA) Project’s Work of Two Drinkable Water Starts in Jawzjan Sheberghan city Aqcha district on Friday.

“Project’s Work of two drinkable water started in Mangutti Afghania villages, Noorabad Sheberghan city, and Aqcha district,” said the director of the economy to BNA.

He said these two projects were funded at a cost of 107 thousand American dollars with the support of the financial office in the coordination of international humanitarian organizations or OCHA with the cooperation of ORD institution.

Along with the completion of these projects, the problem of drinking water for three hundred families will be solved. He added:

These projects are being implemented at a time when the lack of drinking water and the lack of access to local residents is one of the challenges that people are complaining about.

Bakhtar News Agency

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