Norway to Host Climate Change Conference Focusing on Afghanistan and Pakistan

KABUL (BNA): Dr. Zain al-Abidin Aabid, the Deputy Head of the National Environmental Protection Authority (NEPA), discussed the impact of climate change in Afghanistan with Mr. Terje Magnussønn Watterdal, the Country Director of the Norwegian Committee for Afghanistan.
According to a statement from NEPA, the meeting focused on examining the environmental damage Afghanistan has suffered due to climate change. The Norwegian Committee, which operates in the areas of food security, natural resources, and agriculture in Afghanistan, expressed its commitment to collaborate with the national administration for environmental protection to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change.
The Norwegian Committee has already established farms in several Afghan provinces as part of its environmental conservation efforts. Referring to the “COP 28” International Climate Change Conference held in the United Arab Emirates, Watterdal stated that Afghanistan should be invited to raise its voice in collaboration with NEPA and the Islamic Emirate.
In an announcement, Watterdal revealed that Norway, in collaboration with other organizations, will host a conference on climate change specifically focusing on Afghanistan and Pakistan in April.
Dr. Zain al-Abidin Aabid proposed that the Norwegian Committee could establish a research center within the NEPA in various provinces of the country. He also presented a proposal for the construction of exemplary forests to the director of the Norwegian Committee.

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