MoPW: Completion of Afghanistan Ring Road is in Our Priority

KABUL (BNA) The Deputy Minister of Public Works says that the completion of the ring road is a priority for the Ministry of Public Works.

Mullah Bakht-u-Rehman Sharafat, Deputy Minister of Public Works, in a meeting with a number of tribal elders in Badghis, said that the completion of Afghanistan Ring Road is a priority of the Ministry of Public Works and talks are underway with the Asian Development Bank.

The Deputy Minister of Public Works added that if the World Bank refuses to fund it, we will fund this national project from domestic sources.

During the meeting, tribal elders said that Badghis was a deprived province that had not received the attention it deserved for the past 20 years, and called for the ministry to complete the Afghanistan Ring Road.

The Deputy Minister of Public Works recently reminded that the roads and bridges of Badghis have been included in the plan of this ministry, which will start working according to the financial resources.

Bakhtar News Agency

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