Islamic Emirate Statement on the Occasion of Doha Agreement

Kabul (BNA) Today is Coincides on the second anniversary of Doha Agreement with the U.S., in Doha of Qatar, to end “Invasion” in Afghanistan

In this day, the Doha Agreement signed and as a result of the jihad and sacrifices of our nation, paved the way for the expulsion of American forces after twenty years, was recorded as another honorable day in the history of our beloved country. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan congratulates this day to all the zealous and struggling people of Afghanistan.

Today is one historical day in our country, shows the masterpieces and heroism of the Mujahideen of Afghanistan and is the day of preserving the identity of the Muslim and freedom-loving nation of Afghanistan.

The Muslim people of Afghanistan, three times in the last century, by making unparalleled sacrifices, passed decent tests in the field of jihad and struggle, and regained the freedom and independence of their country with great pride, Praise be to Allah.

This day reveals that Afghans have a strong will for freedom and a strong commitment and determination to defend their religion and country.

It is obligatory for the occupying countries to leave the path of enmity and hostility with the Afghans and join the Islamic Emirate, after the Afghans have successively overthrown the occupying forces and expelled them from their country and gained their freedom in the last hundred years. Start interactions based on mutual respect.

Afghans are a peaceful people who want security, they are living a peaceful and secure life, the world must seize them and help them create opportunities.

The Islamic Emirate, based on its position and policy, has no intention of harming or threatening any other country, and also calls on other countries to open the gates of good relations with Afghans, in order to avoid all possible challenges.

The Mujahideen of Afghanistan, under the leadership of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, will be vigilant in the future, as in the past, against any conspiracies and conspiracies of the enemy, and will follow the jihadist thought and the path of freedom of their predecessors.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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