How Will Be The Response of High Peace Council To The Current Challenges?

Wednesday, July 12, 2017
Kabul (BNA) The head of High Peace Council says the people have a negative view on Peace High council; therefore, the council should emerge with a new strategy.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes Mr. Karim Khalili newly assigned as the chief of High Peace Council managing the meeting of the council said that the people had negative view on peace high council; it should change its dealings with the relevant affairs.
He emphatically said that Peace High Council should emerge with a new strategy.
The statements expressed by the new chief of the council indicate that he is well aware about the current situation of the council. The council since its establishment, during the last seven years has been witness of many changes in its leadership.
The first chief of the council Professor Burhaneddin Rabani for achieving the holiest aim, this is securing peace and drawing the armed oppositions to the peace process lost his life.
This is a clear proof that Peace High Council is not just a ceremonial organ, but also a source for realizing ideals and aspirations of people that is restoring peace in the country.
Unfortunately, Peace High Council could not meet those ideals and aspirations, now, as the new chief of the council claims, the people have a negative view on high peace council, and that is a major problem should ended immediately because the people can play the basic role in the process.
Peace High Council with its new leadership should become more active and adopting effective and practical measures pave the way for securing peace this persistent demand of Afghan suffering people. However, the problem is that, the former and new leadership of Peace High Council have talked literally in different terms, as the new chief of the council has talked about constructive viewpoints of Taliban. He should explain on what matters Taliban have constructive view, what is their belief about national, political, and economical interests. If some Taliban, really believe in peace, Peace High Council should practically introduce them to the public. In this way, the people know about fruitful and constructive endeavors of the leadership of Peace High Council.  Earlier, due to financially high expenditure of the council not only believed the council but also considered it as an extra organ.
The new leadership of Peace High Council should be responsive to the people about the present and upcoming situation of the council and change it from a passive in to an active organization.
They should consider public recommendations regarding restoring peace in the country. The people say peace cannot secure by moaning but can be secure by respecting national and public interests, the new leadership of Peace High Council should deeply consider the matter in its plans and activities.
The people expect the new leadership of Peace High Council while the battle is continuing in the country, present a new strategy that could meet the requirements of time and situation and lead to securing peace and stability in the country.
Abdul Khalil Minawi

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