Govt. Should Use Women Capacities In Key Political Sections

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Over the last sixteen years, the Afghan women have been engaged in different sections and they could show eligibility in political, cultural and economic fields.
A number of women said women play role in various government and nongovernment organizations.
Nafisa, an Afghan women who works in an economic projects of the ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock said, “There is no doubt that today, a considerable number of women are working in the capital Kabul and financially support their households.”
“I, alongside a team of women work in Shakar Dara district and are the breadwinners of our families,” Nafisa further said.
However, the farmer and the current governments have paved the ground for women to take part in the society, but the NUG should provide the ground for education to those women working in different provinces and districts, she added.
It is merit to mention that many women networks are currently operational in the country, within which the women are practically engaged in economic sectors such as, handicrafts, horticulture, providing foodstuff etc. which help them financially support their families.
Higher education is the greatest section the women are engaged in, as now, thousands of women and girls have been enrolled in private and government universities to build their future.
Sanam, a student in Rabbani University said, “I study mathematics here. I would try my best to get my MBA as well. I want to work in a government key organ. I expect the government to provide job opportunities to all university graduated students.”
Meanwhile, Justice and Judicial Center is the only place where the women numbers are higher than other government organizations.
A lawyer women who works in a court said, “Judging is a very difficult task today, but I love it and would like to continue my job without any negligence. However, it is hard for a women to work in such a society, but we have accepted it and want to work alongside men.” “There is no doubt that if a woman wants to fight the difficulties, she should first get educated,” she further said.
However, active women are working in the government key sections, but recent findings of “Afghan Women Network” suggests that still, an eye-catching number of women are not engaged in the government key posts.
But deputy presidential spokesperson, Dawa Khan Minapal said, “The government of national unity has given key roles for women in the current system, as now, there are three women in the cabinet, 6 women in deputy ministries and a number of them has been appointed as ambassadors.”
Experts believe that over the last sixteen years, the women have attained high capacities in terms of economy, culture, social and politics and the government should use these capacities in different fields.
Shukria Kohistani

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