FM Muttaqi Urged Islamic World to Raise their Voice for a Free Palestine


KABUL (BNA) Acting Foreign Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Mawlavi Amir Khan Muttaqi, at the international conference for support Palestine held in Tehran, Iran, said that the Islamic world should raise their voice for free Palestine and Stand against the ongoing massacre in Gaza.

FM Muttaqi deeply condemned the massacre of innocent people by Israel in Gaza and accused the international community of double standards in this issues.

Islamic World Must Unanimously Raise Voice of Freedom for Palestine:Muttaqi

Muttaqi, addressing the dual interpretation of Gaza’s war policies, expressed, with the current situation, a change in the global order is inevitable.

Speaking at the ‘High Political Consultative Seminar on Palestine’ in Tehran, he emphasized the contradictions in a world where some countries, under the pretext of minor human rights violations or political reasons, face sanctions using the discourse of human rights. Simultaneously, continuous genocide of a nation by a regime surpassing all humane boundaries is overlooked.

Muttaqi added, we gather at a time when, possibly at this very moment as I speak, a young Palestinian in Gaza is martyred, a mother becomes grief-stricken, and children become orphaned. It’s the seventy-eighth day of indiscriminate massacre and genocide in Gaza, and the world, preaching human rights, human values, freedom, and justice, is a spectator to this brutal massacre.’

Referring to numerous human rights conventions and humanitarian issues, he questioned the effectiveness of the current global order in addressing the 21st-century human needs. He emphasized the need for a new world order based on justice and equality, where no human right or country is ignored for political reasons.

Muttaqi stated, ‘I believe that the conscious and awakened human conscience cannot be satisfied with such dual behaviors. We need a new global order grounded in justice and equality, bringing peace, justice, and stability to the world.’

Regarding sanctions against the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, he criticized the dual standards, stating, ‘It’s ridiculous when my country, Afghanistan, after more than four decades of foreign invasions, wars, and turmoil, faces sanctions under the pretext of human rights when it seeks security and stability. How can the Afghan human align with such double standards?’

Muttaqi condemned the Zionist regime’s atrocities in Gaza and Palestine, affirming that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, as part of the Islamic Ummah, has consistently condemned the occupation’s oppression.

He urged Islamic countries to play a more effective role in ending the unjust massacre of innocent Palestinian people.

In conclusion, Muttaqi stressed the urgency of a unified Islamic voice for the freedom of Palestine and the need for more countries in the region to actively contribute to ending the ongoing brutal massacre.

He expressed the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s readiness to support the Islamic world in this humanitarian and Islamic cause.


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