Kabul Mayor Announces New Initiative to Boost Investment and Economic Growth Via Urban Development


KABUL (BNA): In a technical meeting focused on creating investment opportunities, the Mayor of Kabul, Mawlavi Abdul Rashid, stated that successful urban models will be utilized to foster economic growth and promote standard development.

According to a statement from the Kabul Municipality, a meeting chaired by Mawlawi Abdul Rashid, the Mayor of Kabul, was held to discuss creating investment opportunities in various parts of the city. The meeting included officials from different departments of the Kabul Municipality, and necessary decisions were made.

The Mayor of Kabul assessed the areas with investment potential and shared his views on how to enhance these opportunities.

He announced that the municipality will implement successful urban models to create lucrative investment opportunities, driving economic growth and promoting sustainable development.

At the conclusion of the meeting, officials were instructed to proceed with the construction of several commercial buildings in various parts of the city after completing the technical documentation and procurement processes.


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