Ghor Museum Receives 40 Relics Unearthed from Historic Minaret of Jam


KABUL (BNA): 40 distinct historical artifacts have been unearthed at the base of the Minaret of Jam, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and have been entrusted to the local museum in Ghor province.

These artifacts, which were discovered due to the aftermath of recent floods at the base of the Minaret of Jam, have been handed over to the local museum under the supervision of the Information and Culture Department of Ghor province.

Mawlavi Abdul Hai Zaeem, the head of information and culture in Ghor, stated that the recent floods in Ghor, especially around the Minaret of Jam, have caused the emergence of these artifacts, most of which belong to the Ghoryan period.

Zaheem stated that upon receiving the information, a team comprising the head of intelligence in the province and himself visited the Minaret of Jam. They transported the artifacts to Ferozkoh, the capital of Ghor, and handed them over to the local museum of the Ghor Directorate of Information and Culture.

It is expected that archaeologists will soon examine and determine the age of these forty artifacts, shedding light on their historical significance.


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