Kabul Mayor Visits Road Construction Projects in Three City Sections

KABUL(BNA): Mawlavi Abdul Rashid, the Mayor of Kabul, inspected key construction projects, including Zakirin Road to Qargha Road, Badam Bagh Road, and the route from Hangra Intersection to Qasaba Road. He emphasized the need to enhance the speed and quality of these developments.

The Kabul Municipality reported significant progress on the northwest connector road project, which began last year. This project, spanning 7,645 meters in length and 30 meters in width, has over 50% of the work completed.

The new connector road from Hangara Intersection to Qasaba Road (Mirza Abdul Qadir Beedel Road) has also seen promising progress. Recently started, this project has already achieved over 20% completion.

The Mayor stressed the importance of maintaining strict control and supervision at every stage of these projects. He urged officials to ensure timely and efficient execution, leaving no effort spared.

Kabul Mayor is dedicated to completing ongoing projects within their timelines. He consistently oversees the progress of various infrastructure initiatives, contributing to Kabul’s development and modernization.


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