Families of Martyrs and Individuals with Disabilities Receive Eleven Billion Afghanis: Haqqani


KABUL (BNA): Sheikh Abdul Hakim Haqqani, the Deputy Minister of Martyrs and Disabled Affairs, stated during a visit to the families of martyrs in the Islamic Emirate that eleven billion Afghanis have been distributed to the heirs of martyrs and individuals with disabilities by the ministry this year.

According to a statement from the Ministry, Sheikh Abdul Hakim Haqqani visited some special martyr families in Kunar province today. He traveled to Kunar to assess the services provided to these families and individuals with disabilities.

During his visit, he met with some special martyr families and provided them with financial assistance.

Addressing the families of special martyrs and the disabled, he confirmed that the Ministry of Martyrs and Disabled Affairs has distributed eleven billion Afghanis to the heirs of martyrs and individuals with disabilities during the fiscal year 1402.

He further added that the Almighty, through the blessings of the sacrifices of martyrs, has established the Islamic system in the country. “We have come today to meet the families of these martyrs.”

In the Islamic Emirate, from the highest to the lowest, everyone is at the service of its people, particularly those who had been affected or lost their loved ones in conflicts, he said.
During this visit, financial assistance was provided to thirteen martyr families, with each family receiving 15,000 Afghanis in cash.


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