Dozens of commando Cadets graduate from Maidan Wardak Military Training Camp

MAIDAN SHER (BNA) Dozens of commando cadets graduated from a military training center in Wardak after military and ideological training.

These soldiers were trained in military and ideological fields.

Sheikh Shir Ahmad Haqqani, the deputy Governor of Maidan Wardak, addressing the graduation ceremony, asked them not to spare any effort to defend the honor and territorial integrity of the country.
Mawlawi Naqibullah Hamed, commander of the 4th Brigade of the Central Corps, said that during this period, fifty commando soldiers from this military unit received militar and ideological training and now are ready to fight against any threat to national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The graduates promised in a speech that they would sacrifice their lives to defend the homeland.

Bakhtar News Agency

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