Dialogue is the Key to Resolution, Asserts Deputy PM

KABUL (BNA): Mawlavi Abdul Kabir, the Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs, emphasized the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s commitment to dialogue as the preferred method for resolving issues. This sentiment was expressed during a meeting with Takayoshi Kuromiya, the Ambassador of Japan in Kabul, according to a statement from the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office.
During the meeting, Ambassador Kuromiya highlighted the longstanding historical ties between Japan and Afghanistan, expressing Japan’s interest in strengthening these relations. He also conveyed Japan’s desire to play a pivotal role in fostering and enhancing Afghanistan’s global relationships.
Kuromiya reassured that Japan would continue to provide humanitarian aid to Afghanistan and expressed readiness to participate in reconstruction, development projects, health, and capacity enhancement initiatives.
The Ambassador acknowledged that not only Japan but the entire international community recognizes the significant progress Afghanistan has made over the past two years. He noted the establishment of a unified governance system and the assurance of national security.
Deputy Prime Minister Mawlawi Abdul Kabir acknowledged Japan’s consistent support for peace, stability, and development in Afghanistan. He stressed the importance of ongoing cooperation in infrastructure development and the initiation of development projects in Afghanistan.
He further stated that the Islamic Emirate is committed to serving all Afghans without discrimination. He emphasized the importance of ensuring that all Afghans benefit from government aid and services and are included in the governance process.
According to him, the Islamic Emirate’s policy is that Afghanistan should not pose a threat to anyone, nor should anyone be allowed to use Afghanistan against others. He reiterated the Islamic Emirate’s belief in dialogue as the means to resolve every issue.
Mawlavi Abdul Kabir concluded by stating that the Islamic Emirate is prepared to address the concerns of others through dialogue.

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