Afghanistan’s Exports and Imports Soar to $10.3 Billion Last Year: NSIA


KABUL(BNA): In a testament to Afghanistan’s economic resilience and growing international engagement, the National Statistics and Information Authority (NSIA) has collected and analyzed the country’s export and import data for the past year, 1402.

According to this data, Afghanistan’s export sector has surged, boasting a total value of $1.78 billion USD. Meanwhile, imports have reached $8.58 billion USD, indicating the nation’s active engagement in global trade.

This department clarified that among the country’s exports, fruits had the highest value, totaling $645.5 million USD. Additionally, medicinal plants, minerals, and vegetables ranked second, third, and fourth, respectively, in terms of the country’s exports.

In addition, in the year 1402, petroleum products and oils dominated Afghanistan’s import landscape, comprising the largest share of imported goods, with a staggering total value of approximately $1.38 billion USD.

According to the source, machinery, vehicles, and spare parts had the highest value of imports last year, totaling $1.02 billion USD, followed by textiles, metals, and metal products.


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