Curbing Notorious Narcotic Drugs Smugglers Needs Coordinated Efforts Not Slogan: Commentary

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The Week of National Mobilization for counter narcotics campaign launches in Afghanistan, while earlier efforts in that end were not so successful.
BNA social affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the Week of National Mobilization for counter narcotic drugs conducted in Afghanistan in a time,   narcotics have changed in to a severe social, economical and even a political problem in the country.
In spite of that Afghanistan enjoys of having the support and commitments of many countries across the world in campaign against narcotics, unfortunately, still is among the major countries that produce these deadly drugs.
Afghanistan is not only the main sources of production, transit and trafficking of narcotic drugs to other countries, but there are also more than three million addicts in the country, the situation indicates that the problem can be consider as a crucial national problem. If we judge impartially and honestly, the problem of narcotic drugs from poppy cultivation, processing and trafficking of it, like terrorism and extremism imposed on our nation. Because, this is, armed terrorist groups that ensures most of their military requirements from narcotic drugs. In addition trafficking of narcotic drugs constitutes the major part of illegal properties of the leaders of terrorist and extremist groups.
Afghan, USA, the west, and other countries intelligence sources acknowledge that the leaders of Taliban have obtained huge wealth from drugs trafficking and IS tries to have access on drugs trafficking routes.
What is of more important is that narcotic drugs, addiction, and trafficking of narcotics have severely harmed our economic infrastructure and badly affected our cultural identity, our policy and our relations in international arena and threatens our family life.
Week of National Mobilization for counter narcotics campaign can help us to overcome the challenges mentioned above, if it considered as a national problem and campaign honestly and practically to end the problem of narcotics once and forever, as the previous experiences showed, ceremonial activities would not be sufficient and will not meet our objectives.
So far, the efforts made in national and international level for eradication of narcotic drugs not have been successful but a failure.
The Afghan high-ranking authorities acknowledge that currently poppy cultivation in Afghanistan not only decreased but increase as poppy is cultivated in 21 province of the country.
The failure in counter narcotics campaign  in first step linked to increasing insecurities in the country, focusing of armed oppositions in to poppy cultivation, trafficking of the drugs, funding terrorist groups from the incomes of the drugs, decreasing, even stopping foreign, especially USA an UK aids  who play key role in counter narcotics campaign in Afghanistan.
Considering this, the Afghan people and state strongly ask the countries that honestly involved in war against narcotics, in order to fight successfully the disastrous narcotics phenomenon and rescue the world from the evil of narcotics to provide sufficient financial aids to relevant Afghan organs, which are practically campaigning for eradication of narcotics.
In international level, the access of international mafia to transit routes, increasing demand in world markets, including  narcotics in to political affairs, involvement of intelligence services of certain countries of the region in business of narcotics are the main barrier that make counter narcotics very hard and difficult.
Today, there are countries, which accuse Afghanistan for expansion of narcotics trafficking while they themselves do not prevent exporting chemical materials, used in producing heroin, demand for narcotics in their markets is very high, and finally the traffickers are doing their business freely inside their territories. However, unfortunately, with these facts they shamelessly accuse Afghanistan.
   If the exports of chemical materials in to Afghanistan ended or at least decreased  transit routes for trafficking drugs  closed and finally if they coordinate and cooperate honestly Afghanistan in counter narcotic drugs campaign, not  only Afghanistan but the entire region and the world will be free of narcotics and no any people suffer from addiction to narcotics anymore.
We strongly believe that narcotic drugs is a fatal phenomenon that threats the humanity life, struggling against it requires practical and honest work not just crying slogans and holding ceremonial meetings and gatherings.
Abdul Khalil Minawi

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