Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs Successfully Resolves 13-Year Feud Between Two Families


KAPISA (BNA) In a significant achievement of the Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs, a longstanding feud between two families in Terbet Sharif village, Kohband district, has been peacefully resolved after thirteen years of conflict.

The mediation, conducted by Al-Haj Mohammad Osman Torabi, the security commander, and the head of the Department of Tribal Affairs, brings an end to a dispute that tragically claimed four lives from both sides.

The feud, which began in 2013, had the potential for further escalation if left unresolved. However, thanks to the dedicated efforts and timely intervention of the Ministry, a peaceful resolution was reached. Both parties involved have provided written commitments to abstain from violence and verbal tension, ensuring the prevention of a recurrence of the conflict in the future.

The involvement of security commanders in diffusing ethnic and familial tensions has garnered praise and appreciation from the Kapisa community.

The Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs remains committed to promoting peace and harmony among communities and will continue its efforts to resolve conflicts and disputes throughout the region.

The resolution of this longstanding feud stands as a testament to the effectiveness of mediation and the importance of collaboration between local authorities and tribal leaders in maintaining peace within communities.


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