Blinds in Ghazni Opened an Institution Named “Roshan Dellan”

GHAZNI (BNA) In support of people with disabilities, a number of blinds in Ghazni province opened an institution named Roshan Dellan (Bright hearts), on Friday.

Mohammad Zakarya Sarwari in charge of the institution said to Bakhtar News Agency, that the number of people in the institution reaches 20 and they gather some amount of money during the months, then assist needy blinds in that province with the collected contributions.

He is hopeful that job creation and self-sufficiency could be granted from the institution activities for blinds.

He also called on Islamic Emirate local officials in Ghazni to provide them with job opportunities.

The blinds in the institution said they have graduated from a technical and professional school for blinds in that province, adding in case if they were provided with job opportunities, they could be able to do the same for others with disabilities.


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