Uzbekistan to Expand Transit Cooperation with Afghanistan

KABUL (BNA) The authorities of Uzbekistan have pledged to increase their transit cooperation with Afghanistan and reduce the customs tariff for the export of Afghan goods.

Lately, a delegation from the Afghan Ministry of Commerce and Industry traveled to Uzbekistan to discuss the expansion of trade, Uzbekistan’s investment in Afghanistan, and transit issues between the two countries.

According to reports, the Afghan trade delegation had useful discussions with the Uzbek authorities, these authorities have pledged to provide more facilities in the transit sector to Afghanistan and to reduce the customs tariff of goods exported from Afghanistan.

This is a good opportunity in the sector of economic and commercial cooperation between the two countries, Afghanistan enjoys capacities for foreign investment, and Uzbekistan, in turn, has the ability to invest in such capacities.

Uzbekistan needs the transit route of Afghanistan in order to reach the markets of South Asia, and Afghanistan, in turn, needs the transit route of Uzbekistan to reach the markets of Central Asian countries and Russia.

In the past, a number of Afghanistan’s neighboring countries tried and are trying to take advantage of Afghanistan’s transit route and use Afghanistan’s landlocked nature as a tactic for their strategic interests, always on the transit route of Afghanistan’s exports, where most of the fruits and It is vegetables and it also has its own season, they have created a problem and in this way they have harmed the feeble economy of Afghanistan more than themselves, they have high expectations for using the transit route of Afghanistan and have raised high points for themselves, in While transit, economy, and trade cannot be politicized and it was in pursuit of one-sided profit.

In today’s era, having business relations between neighbors is of particular importance in the discussion of foreign trade of countries, and everyone is trying to change the economic efficiency in trade by choosing short routes, and reducing costs of transportation.

Another issue is the security issue between the neighboring countries and the region, while the increase in commercial and economic exchanges means the entanglement of economic, political, and security interactions.

Afghanistan’s regional and foreign strategy is based on the principle of economic development and opening of new transit routes and trade prosperity, and economic cooperation is one of the main goals of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, which can be seen to have positive results.

Afghanistan’s trade relations with neighboring countries and through them with regional countries are developing, and it is reaffirmed that economic ties should be separated from political issues.


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