US Double Attitude Towards Afghanistan & Ukraine: Wang

KABUL (BNA) The Chinese ambassador in Kabul claimed that America has a double attitude towards Afghanistan, the US take money from one and gives it to another.

Ambassador Wang Yu, during a press conference in Kabul, said: “The US is assisting Ukraine with millions of dollars. But it blocks Afghanistan’s monetary.

Wang Yu highlighted the continuation of his country’s aid to Afghanistan and said that his country has helped 320 tons of food to the victims of the recent earthquake in Paktika and Khost provinces, adding that another 200 tons will be delivered soon.

This is not the first time that the Chinese authorities have criticized America’s abnormal behavior towards Afghanistan and the freezing of the country’s assets by the US.

Earlier, the spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry has repeatedly said that the US has not behaved favorably towards Afghanistan and that it should bear the burden of its responsibilities in this country and be responsible towards Afghanistan.

China’s special representative to the UN has repeatedly stressed that America should be responsible for the current situation in Afghanistan and take significant steps to compensate for the suffering of the Afghan people.

The US is held responsible for the deaths of thousands of people in Afghanistan who were killed as a result of this country’s operations, and by withdrawing from Afghanistan, the US has created a new crisis in this country, and by blocking Afghanistan’s monetary, has clearly destroyed the assets of the Afghan people, China representative in the UN said.

The representative of China in the UN has raised the issue of paying compensation to Afghanistan by the United States several times.


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