UN Security Council Meeting on Iran Concludes Without Resolution


KABUL (BNA): The United Nations Security Council session, called upon Israel’s request to address recent drone and missile attacks by Iran against Israel, ended without any conclusive outcome.

The session, held last night, yielded no results, with only the United States and its allies emphasizing condemnation of Iran and support for Tel Aviv’s defense.

The attendees of the meeting were split into two factions, each holding their own views, to the extent that the Russian representative accused the Security Council of discrimination.

Some members of the Security Council expressed solidarity with Israel, while others deemed Iran’s actions as legitimate defense.

Koussay Aldahhak, Syria’s representative to the UN stated that we have warned about the dangers of escalating tensions and worsening conditions by Israel, which seeks to cover up its failures in achieving its military objectives in Gaza.

Vasily Nebenzya, Russia’s permanent representative to the United Nations, has labeled the Security Council meeting as Western hypocrisy and stated “What we are witnessing today in the Security Council is a display of hypocrisy and shameful double standards.”

China’s representative voiced apprehension regarding Iran’s military strike on Israel, characterizing it as retaliatory and now ceased.

Amir Saeed Iravani, Iran’s permanent representative to the United Nations, while defending his country’s attack on Israel, accused the United States, Britain, and France of turning a blind eye to the realities in the Middle East.

The United Nations Security Council session was convened at Israel’s request, despite Israel’s historical disregard for Security Council resolutions throughout its political existence.


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