Turkey Distributed Saplings to Kapisa Horticulturists

MAHMOOD RAQI (BNA) Nearly 4,000 fruit saplings were distributed to Kapisa horticulturists by the Turkish Institution (IHH).

Mawlawi Ruhallah Ruhani, head of Kapisa Department of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, told BNA that in addition to the 6,000 fruitful seedlings previously distributed by the Department of Agriculture, there are now nearly 4,000 fruitful seedlings from the IHH Institute of Turkey in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture for horticulturists distributed.

Ruhani added that since the beginning of the spring of 1401 in Kapisa, more than 15,000 fruitful and ornamental seedlings have been distributed to horticulturists by government and private institutions.

He called on the residents of the province to pay more attention to the greenery and the preservation of saplings and forests.

It’s worth mentioning that in the spring ground of planted saplings, about 50,000 fruitless and ornamental saplings have been planted in city parks, sidewalks, government offices, schools, and mosques in the province so far this year.

Bakhtar News Agency

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