Two Water Supply Projects Put into Exploitation in Jawzjan

SHEBERGHAN (BNA) The construction of two water supply projects in Faizabad district and Sheberghan city of Jawzjan has been completed and put into exploitation Sunday.

Mawlawi Assadullah Hamza, director of Jawzjan Rural Rehabilitation and Development, told BNA that the construction of the two water supply projects in Tankeh Hassan Tabin school in Sheberghan city and Bizgak village in Faizabad district of the province had been completed and put into exploitation.

According to him, the projects have been completed with cost of 9 million Afghanis with the financial support of UNICEF and 10 percent of the public share in six months, including two concrete iron water reservoirs with a solar pump and a water well, which benefits 660 families and other 2480 students will have benefited.



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