Scientific Seminar On Single-Seat Electoral Zones Begins

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Scientific seminar on single-seat electoral zones was held Thursday in Khatamul Nabiyeen and was attended by second vice president, Sarwar Danesh in Kabul.
In the seminar attended also by a number of representatives of people in national assembly and the university lecturers and students, second vice president praised for preaching scientific morale in analyzing social and political issues and stressed on logically and academically reviewing the electoral issues. Sarwar Danesh while considering the electoral system as a critical and scientific mechanism in the process of changing public votes to representative seats added fairness and significance were two principle elements of the electoral system the result of which should be manifestation in the respective principle guide.
The second vice president considered connection between electoral system and electoral zone as unbreakable, insisting that the two important issues would effectively guarantee the result of the elections.
He added that no electoral system and electoral zone had complete advantages and faults; nevertheless, their advantages and faults would be assessed based on circumstances and condition of each country.
He stressed that Afghanistan has currently had different circumstances and conditions and execution of the electoral system and electoral polling stations should be followed based on understanding and professional and technical studies.

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