Reconstruction and Repairing of Ghulam Khan Border Road Began in Khost

Khost (BNA) The head of public utilities of Khost inaugurated the repair and reconstruction of Gholam Khan Road today.

According to BNA reporter, Mawlavi Mohammadullah Ahmad, director of public services in Khost, told BNA that the 32-kilometer-long border of Ghulam Khan Road in Khost would be repaired and rebuilt with the financial support of Haji Shahbaz, a tribal elder under the supervision of the Public Services Department of Khost.

According to him, the organization intends to attract the help of ethnic businessmen and elders in other sectors in the future.

Mawlavi Wajid, deputy director of the Khost Public Works Department, also said that repairing and rebuilding the road would make it much easier for drivers and traders to transfer their property from Ghulam Khan Dam.

Engineer Seyed-Ul-Rehman Mana, in charge of maintaining the roads of Khost Public Works Department, said that the repair and reconstruction of this road will be carried out in accordance with the engineering standards and road construction under the supervision of the engineers of that department.


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