President Ghani Holds Videoconference With Countrywide Governors, Elders

Saturday, October 15, 2016
Kabul (BNA) President Ghani during videoconferences spoke with the governors, elders and religious scholars of the country’s 34 provinces, speaking about the recent security situation and terrorist attack in Balkh province, BNA reported the other day.
According to the agency, the president condemned the attack on the Ashura mourners in Balkh province, and expressed condolence to the bereaved families.
The president instructed the related organs for providing aids to the displaced people in the first step and then they should be helped replace in their localities.
According to the president, by implementation of different development projects, after sure security, in the third step, the work grounds would also be provided for them, in their provinces, the agency quoted.
The president instructed the governors for encouraging the small, middle and big investment of the private sector for producing energy in their provinces, the agency quoted.
The president called the role of the provincial councils, scholars, civil societies and the people the most important in implementation of the development projects and said by implementation of the schemes, the people could get access to work facilities, according to the agency.
He said Afghanistan could successfully win $15.2 billion in aid to the country’s different fields of economy and development among those competing countries for drawing aids from the international donors.
The president said the government was committed to fight corruption and had political will in this field as it could establish the high council for reforms and counter-corruption justice and judicial center.
He said the file of a general of the ministry for interior, who was accused of bribery, was under investigation, and called the support and coordination of the people very important in fighting corruption and restoring reforms in the government entities and assured that no political deal would be made in this field.
The president asked the provincial councils for staying alongside their security forces and shouldn’t be overshadowed by the enemies of propagandas, the agency added.
He said the government would provide enough livelihood, medication, finance and equipment for the country’s security forces who are fighting devotedly against the country’s enemies.
The president also noted that the government was committed to hold transparent elections and the electoral complaints commissioners would be assigned by the freshly established selection committee.
President Ghani asked the entire provincial governors for enlisting their needs and requirements, in writing and send to the presidential office through the independent local organs administration to be discussed at the next meetings. 

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