Panjshir Emerald Auction Fetches $198,200 for 1,519 Carats

PANJSHIR (BNA) The Panjshir Directorate of Mines and Petroleum announced today, Tuesday that a total of 1,519 carats of Panjshir emeralds were sold for a remarkable sum of $198,200.

The auction held in the presence of Hafiz Mohammad Agha Hakim, the governor of Panjshir province, the supervisory committee of Panjshir mines, and several stone merchants.

Emphasizing the importance of transparency, Governor Hakim highlighted that this marked the 10th Panjshir emerald auction held in a transparent atmosphere within the province.

He further expressed their commitment to ensuring legal procedures throughout the auction process.

Mawlavi Mohammad Qasim Amiri, the head of Panjshir Mines and Petroleum, revealed that this particular auction was the 10th of its round conducted by their department.

The auction featured a box of freshly mined Panjshir emeralds, weighing a total of 1,519 carats, which were sold to national merchants for the impressive sum of $198,200.

This successful sale follows a recent auction where another box of Panjshir emerald products, weighing a total of 2,746 carats, was sold through a tender for $80,000.

Panjshir province, renowned for its rich emerald mines, continues to attract attention with its high-quality gemstones.


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