Many Addicts Returns Home After Receiving Medical Treatment in Balkh

BALKH (BNA) On the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, one hundred and fifty addicts returned to their homes to join families from addiction treatment centers in Balkh after recovering on Friday.

After Islamic Emirate regain sovereignty in the country, more than three thousand addicts have been identified and received medical treatment in Balkh province, said local Anti-Narcotics to BNA.

He said the addicts recovered after a three-month of time and vowed not to use drugs afterward and live with their families like healthy people.

Hekmatullah, a recovered addict, hailed the Balkh police chief and director of public health and promised to stay away from this deadly and hazardous disease.

Noor Mohammad an employee of the Anti-Narcotics Department of the Balkh, said more than 3,000 addicts received medical treatment in cooperation with the public health department after the Islamic Emirate ruled the country.

According to the official, eleven private and public addiction treatment centers are activities in Balkh, and currently, one thousand addicts are under treatment in these 11 centers in the province.


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