Large Areas of Hemp Farms Eradicated in Farah

KABUL (BNA) Local officials of Farah province say that 40 acres of hemp fields have been eradicated in the Bala Buluk district of the province.

Bala Buluk district deputy governor, Baitullah said that the security force eradicated hemp farms on 40 acres of land in various areas in the district.
The eradication process of narcotic plants is underway countrywide following the order of the Amir of the Islamic Emirate, he said.

Meanwhile, Farah people acknowledged the dangerous effects of drug plants and said that only drug smugglers were getting benefits from the illegal business.
However, they asked the international community to support Afghan farmers in providing an alternative to support their livelihood.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan banned the cultivation of all kinds of narcotic plants in Afghanistan.


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