Killing Civilians in Balkhab Is a Rumor: Balkhabi

KABUL (BNA) An elder of the tribe Sayed Hasheem Balkhabi called the killing reports of civilians in Balkhab a rummer.

Balkhabi who also attended early in the “Ulema Grand Assembly” in Kabul said that killing civilians in the Balkhab district of Sar-e-Pul province during conflict is a rumor, adding that some who are outside of the country now creating propaganda to get political intentions.

The resident of the sites fled their houses during the conflict but have returned back after receiving security assurance from the Islamic Emirate forces, he added.

Balkhabi said: “the enemy had widely spread propaganda among the people of Balkhab that the forces of the Islamic Emirate would kill you because of your race and religion, and some people had fled to the mountains, but when the people saw that the forces of the Islamic Emirate were of no harm to anyone, they returned home.

According to him, Mehdi Mujahid was dismissed from the Bamyan intelligence chief for lack of responsibilities in his duties, which he later arbitrarily appointed as the police chief and district governor in Balkhab.

Balkhabi added that according to the received reports, Mehdi Mujahid has fled to Bamyan with two of his men, and the Islamic Emirate is not interested in killing Mehdi Mujahid if there is a way to forgive him.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Emirate forces launched a clearing operation in Balkhab Sar-e-Pul in order to maintain and prevent any harm to the security of the people.

Those who disturbed the security in this district either killed or fled the district, currently, security is ensured in Balkhab, and there is no worry about insecurity.


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